NPR Commentaries

First off, I never liked that they called these “commentaries.” Like I’m Daniel Frickin’ Schorr. (Who, I’m surprised to say, my sister-in-law has the hots for. Strange world.)

I prefer to think of these as humorous essays, if anything. But such is the power of All Things Considered, that based on hearing my snide voice on the radio a producer called me to do voiceover work — a task for which I was utterly miscast. I mean, I became the spokesman for the Washington Area Oldsmobile Dealers and I can’t even pronounce Oldsmobile correctly. Don’t believe me? Listen here:

“Big Deal — The Washington Area Oldsmobile Dealers”

Perhaps an insight into why the car is no longer manufactured.

I always offered to do character voices, but the ad geniuses kept demanding Lettermanesque snark or Tom Bodet “sincerity.” One of the directions I got was to sound more like one of the guys on Friends. I never watched Friends. Maybe I was supposed to sound like one of the women on Friends.

Anywhoo…these tracks are me being me. And a little bit Bob Edwards.

“NPR: Bond, James Bond:”

“NPR: Bad Vinyl:”

“NPR: Death of the Hardy Boys?”

“NPR: Hollywood Sequels:”