All About Dave

Dave Nuttycombe is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker, award-winning web producer, journalist, and musician with more than 20 years experience creating informative and entertaining content for every medium known to humankind.

His byline has appeared often in the Washington Post, and has been seen in, Washington Monthly, Mother Jones, Playboy, and many others. Reader’s Digest digested one of his stories. He’s been a contributor to National Public Radio‘s All Things Considered. The American Film Institute Silver Theatre has twice hosted a retrospective of his independent cinema.

At Washington City Paper, he oversaw the creation of the company’s website and was its online editor. Dave is also heavily involved in social media and online marketing, having guided several successful crowdfunding campaigns, for himself and other artists and institutions.

He’s covered the stand-up comedy beat for the Washington Post and non-books for City Paper. He wrote the popular column, Videocrity, reviewing direct-to-video movies for both the Post and City Paper before his head exploded.

He’s written comedy for Bob & Ray and Martin Mull, and written, produced, and performed hundreds of comedy routines for national radio syndication.

dave at the mic

Dave was a featured writer and performer on the Cable Ace-nominated program Neat Stuff, broadcast on The Learning Channel, where, to paraphrase Lisa Simpson, you hardly learn anything. Still, he got to ride in the Weinermobile.

Dave was, briefly, the voice of the Washington Area Oldsmobile Dealers. His drumming has been heard on a variety of radio jingles, industrial film soundtracks, and albums.

With the group Travesty, Ltd., Dave made the acclaimed album, Teen Comedy Party, which the New York Times called “a truly funny recording.” His comic sketch from the album, “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor”, was included on Rhino Records’ six-volume World’s Greatest Novelty Recordings, in addition to two Dr. Demento compilation albums, and is still heard on the internationally-syndicated Dr. Demento radio program.

Travesty also released a series of crowd-pleasing short films, including Hyattsville Holiday, Alcoholics Unanimous, and the incisive documentary about themselves, From Here to Obscurity. The Washington Post awarded Travesty’s dangerously hysterical book-on-tape, Cheap Stories the Best Humor Award, calling it “one of the funniest tapes I’ve heard in years…A must for all true lovers of American popular culture.”

Proudly hanging on his office wall are two certificates in screenwriting he received from the University of Maryland University College, both autographed by Neil Simon‘s older brother.