Some motion pictures I have produced, written, and/or “starred” in.

The Bayou: DC’s Killer Joint. Nominated for an Emmy, this feature documentary played on more than 70 PBS stations nationwide and won several festival awards. More information at

A profile of local legend Tommy “The Matchmaker” Curtis.

How to Lobby Your Congressperson. Getting to work with my comedy idols Bob & Ray and Martin Mull was a dream.

Advocacy Journalism: Bring Five Guys to Silver Spring

God Is My Palm Pilot

Government Approved! The Films of Warren G. Spaulding

This 2002 film, laboriously compiled from decades of actual taxpayer-funded productions now housed at the National Archives in College Park, Md., exposes the hypnotic horror that is our government’s idea of informational, instructional, and propaganda filmmaking in such works as Carbon Monoxide, the Unseen Danger; Three Counties Against Syphilis; Your Enemy, the Grasshopper; A Better Missouri; and too many more.