Love Talk Radio, featuring Dr. Adonis

Lonely? Depressed? Stupid? Dr. Adonis will listen. And not laugh. No problem is too embarrassing. Except, you know…

Dr. Denis A. Adonis holds an honorary degree in Intimacy Studies and has done extensive work in Pair-Bonding. He has a certificate from a major correspondence school and has not yet been indicted. His advice has been heard—though rarely heeded—on radio stations coast to coast.

Produced by Rich West and Over Productions, “Love Talk Radio” was syndicated weekly by Olympia Broadcasting. Mostly at six in the morning to AM stations in the Midwest, but hey, it was exposure…

Listen now to a sampling of those wondrous adventures of yore. You’re welcome.

“Night Out With the Boys”


“A Complicated Man”


“24 Hours a Day”

“Car Telephone”

“My Son”

“Where Do I Come From?”

“Car Keys”



“Master Woo”