Without warning, it's the
[POP quiz]
Washington City Paper's superficially revealing inquiry into the musical mind.

Giants walk among us. And this week, two of the biggest giants in D.C. musical history sit down for the Pop Quiz. In the mid-'60s, when bands wore matching outfits and looked sharp in them, LAWRENCE AND THE ARABIANS looked sharper and played sharper than everybody else. In the world of teen clubs and firehall dances, they played to thousands of fans and influenced a generation of musicians. "Blue-eyed soul" can be a tricky term, but when singer/keyboardist LARRY KIDWELL and drummer MIKE ZACK lock into a groove, it is pure soul, Capital S, no questions. Back on the scene, like a funk machine, Mike and Larry have reunited and the new Lawrence and the Arabians can be heard each month tearing up the Yacht Club of Bethesda. That's where we found them, and that's where they tore up the Pop Quiz. Can we get a witness?